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how we help

We educate and empower businesses to action real change and achieve sustainable growth


Spark action

Grow your business by connecting the dots between your market, customer, products and operations. Be confident that you have the right people, processes, and technologies to make shift happen.

We use our extensive experience across industries to look 'outside-in' and 'inside-out' your business. We then recommend progressive growth methods that are right for your business. 


Educate and empower

We know many business owners want to stay hands-on. We educate and empower you on your growth journey. We focus on practical actions so that you can stop talking and start doing.  

We've already done the thinking - it's captured in our 'Fast Start' and 'Cultivate' approaches.  We go step-by-step, sharing our multi-industry experience and connecting you with our network of skilled specialists.  


Use our expertise 

Not ready for a permanent innovation team? 

Grow sustainably at the pace you need with direct access to our specialists. 

We keep you focused on your challenge, whether it be improvement or invention. We enable businesses to bring fresh ideas to life; launch new products; streamline operations; make the most of technology and better manage organisational change. 



Build practical skills

We love to share our passion for sustainable business growth with small groups and entire conferences. We pride ourselves on being genuine, empathetic and hands-on educators. We focus on progressive skills - not the SWOT analysis of the 1960s. 

Some of our most popular topics include disruption, saving money through finding product/market fit, innovation for small business, and diversity. 

"Start where you are. 

Use what you have. 

Do what you can."

- Arthur Ashe