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how we help

We help growing businesses make things happen with our practical, hands-on approach to invention and improvement 


Understand and explore

We help you make sense of what's happening in your business, your industry and the broader economy. We celebrate what’s working well, reflect on what's not and help you focus on the small things that will make the biggest impact.


We do this by applying disruptive trends, sharing best practices across industries and asking the difficult questions.


Your commitment is a 1.5-hour business owner workshop. From this, we put together a written health check that summarises your market scan, your business model, your overall business health and top focus areas.


Design and do

You’ve got the mindset needed to make things happen – you just need the who, what and when.  Our coaching helps you get the right technology, people and processes to solve your biggest challenges. We check in at key points to keep you focused.


We do this by using our ‘DIY’ approach – we work with you to understand your challenge and plan together. You then ‘do the doing’ and we keep you motivated.


Your commitment is a regular 1-hour  coaching session. For each session, we agree on ‘pre-work’ and ‘follow-up’ activities using Ignitzee tools and templates to keep it simple.    


Use our expertise 

Whether your challenges include finding fresh ideas; launching new products and services; going digital; streamlining your operations or fostering an innovation culture, we help your organisation stay focused on what’s most important.


We do this by making sure that there’s always someone there to make sense of trends, answer your questions, plan what’s next and have great conversations so your business flourishes faster.


Your commitment is a one hour per fortnight innovation roadmap check-in. Pay for any additional support services only as you need them.     


Build practical skills

Spark passion and build practical innovation skills. Making innovation happen for all types of sizes of business is our jam. Popular topics include disruptive trends, the new product development lifecycle and finding product/market fit. 


We believe in “just in time” experiential learning that accommodates different learning styles. Our series of 'hands-on' workshops have been designed to need the unique needs of micro and small business. 


Use one of our existing programs or tailor to your needs. Erin is also an experienced public speaker who can ignite your next event. 

"Start where you are. 

Use what you have. 

Do what you can."

- Arthur Ashe