A love letter to small business

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

We are a little bit in love with small businesses. Is that a bit awkward? Let us explain why.

I went to a speed networking event recently at the Small Business Lounge. I've done a fair bit of networking in my time. It dawned on me that small business events have a very different vibe. They are more down-to-earth, supportive, humble and inclusive than most corporate events. Everyone that I met had a genuine interest in helping other business owners succeed. It got me thinking about why each of us try our darnedest to support small businesses.

They are a big part of our communities

Small businesses are at the centre of any community. I grew up in a small country town and it was the small businesses who donated prizes for fundraising, organised floats for the annual grape parade, sponsored the local sports teams and picked up rubbish from the highway. Dr Alan Le this passion for community. Namely East Perth as he's working on setting up a network with local business owners. He's working on launching a chiropractic practice on Royal St. in Q1 2019.

They are better for our economy

While at Ignitzee we love storytelling, it's always to have a few facts as well. The infographic on the right shows that small businesses hire more people and pay more in tax. This is at a time where major corporations are avoiding paying tax - big names like Adani, QANTAS, EnergyAustralia, Transurban and AMCOR. Small businesses also receive little in the way of government assistance. Imagine what would be possible if we assisted small business rather than putting money into coal terminals and diesel subsidies.

They go above and beyond for their customers

When you are a small customer for a big business, it can be difficult to get what you need. A single customer can easily get stuck in the bureaucracy - just ask anyone who has had to resolve an issue with a bank, a telco or Australia Post. Small business owners are much closer to the needs of their customers. I was inspired by Alana Zelones's story of visiting farms to do health and safety audits - a clear sign that she'll do whatever it takes to support small businesses with their HR needs.

They are humble

In a small business, you typically need to wear many hats. At Ignitzee, I'm everything from Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Poop Scooper. Small business owners don't need fancy titles or offices to feel important. The lovely Karyn Clements from Clements and the Fox shares my appreciation for working from home. Christian Ford from Social Ninja has taken the brave plunge from gainful employment to a 'starter' office in Kardinya. Both are choosing to work in small business for something far more important than money or prestige.

What is it that you love about small businesses?

We'd love to hear from you about what you enjoy about working with and in small business.

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