SAVE TIME & MONEY IN YOUR BUSINESS: Focus on your raving fans

Satisfied customers aren't enough. Only an exceptional customer journey creates customers that will rave about you. But how do you create one?

Here's some of our favourite tips, fresh from a workshop with the Wanneroo Business Association.

Why raving fans?

Talk is cheap. Like really. People that tell other people about your products and services are free. Marketing costs money.

Sounds too obvious?!? The idea was first made popular in Ken Blanchard's book Raving Fans way back in 1990s.

Today's "five star" culture only makes the need for raving fans more pressing than ever.

Step 1: Decide your ideal customer experience

Start by being really honest. There's a few customers that you really love - it might be their good vibes or good profit margins. That's who you want to delight.

A bit better is NOT good enough.

What would make an *exceptional* customer experience look like?

What would your customers think and feel long after working with your business?!?

Step 2: Get to know your ideal customer really, really well

Reflect on who your ideal customer is.

  • What's their day like?

  • Who are they *really*?

  • How do they behave? Think goals, behaviours and barriers

You want to get to know them really, really, really, really well. Just don't stalk them plz.

This is best captured as a persona (also known as an avatar). If you've got a customer database, do some quick analysis to better understand common demographics - what your best customers have in common?

Once you've got this person written down (ideally with a name and photo), you can put them on the wall and start putting them at the centre of your business decisions.

Step 3: Deliver bite sized improvements

There's no secret recipe for growing your business. It takes lots of experiments about what works (and doesn't) to get it right. And customers are always changing.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your brand promise match what your ideal customer is looking for?

  • Your brand isn't for everyone. Are you excluding the right people?

  • Are there any steps on your customer journey that makes it hard for your idea customer to buy?

Flip the energy of your marketing to focus on raving fans

  • Keeping customers - what do customers say keeps them coming back?

  • Advocates - what do you want your business to be known for?

What systems, training and measure do you need to make this happen consistently?

Getting it done

Thinking is the easy bit. Getting it done is the hard bit. We're here to help with that.

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