Taking what you already to do Zoom or Spotify not working for you in the low-touch economy? Making money online is both easy and hard.

Don't just become a doggy burrito in the face of COVID19
The ISO-world presents many challenges and opportunities. Here's a few highlights from the Ignitzee team as Western Australia restrictions start to ease of how different businesses have been adapting to a 'new normal'.


We've been working with Consulcad to completely refresh gathering business requirements and building innovation frameworks for clients across Australia and New Zealand without a single workshop. Our approach is a mix of:

>> Short, sharp 1:1 interviews

>> 15 min online walkthroughs

>> Personal reflections

>> Caps on online meeting length and numbers

>> Collaborative business process mapping tools like IBM Blueworks

Which business analysis tools and techniques will we keep long after restrictions have been lifted?


Online events aren't for everyone. Rather than rushing to market, The Exchange Collective had a short hiatus to reflect on what the Perth business community needed. We've been connecting with many of our biggest supporters 1:1 and creating conversations online to understand what the gaps are - asking 'how to plan an event in Perth post COVID19'. This approach is a great example of focusing on finding the right product and customer fit by solving a real-world problem.

From the 18th May, we're looking to kick off small group Perth business networking for technology and innovation professionals. Think cozy dinner conversations with great people, while supporting the hospitality sector at a time when they need it more.

Which Perth hospitality venues would you love to have a dinner with some 'nerds'?


Online training isn't just about setting up an online meeting. It's too easy to walk to the fridge

You need to consider:

>> Length of sessions - no more than 30 mins at a time with lots of breaks for each training session

>> Interactivity - being online gives you some amazing gamification opportunities

>> Group size - managing the one talking or nobody talking dynamic so that attendees feel comfortable to contribute.

We're looking forward to being back in the classroom soon, blending virtual and face-to-face. We've been working with the wonderful team at ATI Mirage around their training offering for a virtual world. Training is starting to converge between technology skills, business skills and innovation skills - there's some really important connections between topics like Microsoft Project, Collaboration using Microsoft Teams, business improvement, innovation, entrepreneurship and business analysis.

What skills do you feel that we need for the low-touch world that we face?

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