Getting to the hearts and minds of your customers

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

You might think your business is easy to deal with. Do your customers agree?

There's been much written about understanding the customer journey, being agile, design thinking and a other fashionable business trends. At the heart of all of the hype is the need to just get started and have the motivation to keep going. We reflect on our recent beta testing journey to share what we learned about getting to the hearts and minds of our customers - side-hustlers and small business owners wanting to flourish faster.

Make it easy

We live in an impatient world - people don't want email instructions, they don't want to wait for user accounts to be created, they don't want to jump through a series of hurdles before they get access. They just want to get started. Our initial design thought a lot about the small details, but not the big ones. Our account creation process took between 1 and 3 days - our beta testers wanted to get started straight away. We learned that email should only be part of a solution, not at its core. We learned that what was obvious to us and our initial testers is not obvious to those who haven't been on the Ignitzee journey so far.

Plan data collection first, not last

Similar to the account creation process challenge, we ended up with insights about our beta testers spread across multiple tools. This made it difficult for us to understand at exactly what point we were making it too hard for testers to use our tools.

Understand what your customer really needs

Our customers are busy. Like, really really busy and need more help to identify where to start and support to keep going. We found out quickly that growing your business is done in the 'spaces in between' - running your business day-to-day while still adulting.

Keep it (really) simple, stupid

Yes, we have simplified years of business school and lots of business templates and models. But it's still not enough (see the point above!). When you are working in the spaces in between, you need to make it even more simple again.

Learning from our experiences

Our first round of beta testing was a pleasant reminder that getting to the heart of what customers really need takes time. You need to grow it one piece at a time, always testing to see whether what you are building and sells solves the right problem for the right customer.

We learned that there's a lot more people looking to grow a business than there are ones looking to start one. We need to put these people at the heart of Ignitzee. We need to make it easier for them to identify what will help their business grow and how to get there. We're busy behind the scenes working out what this looks like.

We are so thankful for the over 100 beta testers that helped us get to this point. We've got another bottle of Ignitzee sparkling ready to crack open once Ignitzee 2.0 is ready for our next round of testing.

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