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our story

Our professional advice is more highly sort out than our cooking 

We offer professional tools and advice to micro and small business, a little differently

We strongly believe in the power of small business to bring about change in the world. Businesses that care about their customers, their people and the communities that they serve. A place where each new business is another step towards a world of inspiring people doing things that they love who leave the world in a better place than when they found it. 

Our business started at our dining table, and it isn’t because of our great cooking or hospitality. Friends and family members were coming over for dinner to pick our brains for advice on starting and growing a business. We noticed several common threads between everyone we spoke to. The excitement, the fear of failure and the feeling of taking on the impossible.

We get all kinds of thorny questions over a glass of wine - How can small businesses make the most of being nimble? Do I need an app or a website? How would you measure innovation? How do I handle disruption in my industry? 

Using a 'traditional' management consulting company, our advice would be too expensive. A decent bottle of wine is typically what solopreneurs and sidehustlers have to offer. Ignitzee is our way of making professional advice accessible to everyone. 

While we continue to evolve in true start-up style, we keep this spirit alive through our Innovation Health Checks and DIY tools