Our story

We're a consultancy who do not like consultants. Go figure?

We created a business for humans, by humans. Suit wearing and hairstyling are only for client meetings. 

Meaningful, flexible work? We found out the hard way that it wasn't a thing. We thought it should be a thing. So we made it a thing. We call it Ignitzee. 


Years on, our inspiration remains the Rumi quote -

'Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan the flames' 

We aren't management consultants. We build capability. 

There's some questionable ethics and value around traditional consultancies. Big bills do not equate to big results, often leaving rifts in organisations for years to come. Your organisation shouldn't use the same 'playbook' as everyone in your city and industry. We don't give opinions - we teach. 

We deliver outcomes, not technology and training. 

The media industry was one of the first industries in recent times to face significant disruption. We were there, driving change from analog to digital. We've been at the cusp of technology transformation ever since. Our experience means we see the patterns that the fresher folk with the cool hair miss.  

Value is created when you get the right people, processes and technology for your organisation. Technology transformation is at our heart, but we don't talk about it much because we don't want to scare the humans away. 

We get start-ups more than most. We've got our own.  

We believe that professional business advice should be accessible to everyone. Ain't nobody got the time (or patience) for an MBA or the budget for an army of consultants. And that beach bar in Bali won't buy itself... ;)

Our start-up has focused on disrupting the consulting industry with online 'DIY' tools years before 'the Rona. While we continue to evolve in true start-up style, we keep this spirit alive through our online coaching portal Dave. We keep connected with innovators and leaders through The Exchange Collective

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