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We're experimenting with online tools that help emerging and growing businesses take charge of their innovation journey. The Persona Creator is the first of these on our new technology platform. 

understanding customer personas 

What is a customer persona? 

 A persona is a ‘human face’ that better describes a group of customers – who they are and how they behave.  Personas put research that you've done into your customers down on single page so that you can share with others and make decisions based on what they need.

Why should I use personas in my business? 

They help you to do better: 

  • Marketing - knowing exactly who you want to attract and why helps you target customers, reducing costs and increasing effectiveness of your marketing (that whole customer funnel thing!) 

  • Product and service development - understanding how your customers think and feel helps you design exactly what they need   

  • Customer service -  helps you improve every interaction they have with your business 

How do they work? 

We are visual creatures. Personas keep a picture in our minds about who are customers are in a way that customer data doesn't. Coming back to your persona is helpful for all kinds of business decisions - designing marketing and sales activities; social media planning; website and application design; developing new products and services; improving your customer service; understanding how you stack up against your competitors or refreshing your business plan. 

STEP 1: EXPLORE - Make a persona 

Are you ready to get to know your customers better? Let’s put a human face to your most important customer groups. 

Once you have completed it, you'll arrive back here and get an email with your creation as a PDF attachment. It's then time to Reflect and Do. 


Ahoy there! Have you created your persona(s) yet? If you haven't made magic yet, it starts with those big orange buttons above. 


It’s now time to put this persona (unless it’s an anti-customer!) at the heart of how your business rolls. Think critically about the gaps between what the person needs and what your business does - both the big picture and the day-to-day details. The buttons below bring up a few questions to warm up your thinking muscles. 






Aww shucks! We are so proud. By now, you have successfully created a persona and thought 

deeply about what you need to do differently in your business to better meet this group's needs. It's now time to get out your good ol' To Do List and work out: 

  • What actions do we need to do?

  • What resources (people, technology) will you need to make this happen? 

  • Over what time period? Think about breaking this into what you'll achieve in the the next week; quarter and year. 

  • How will you keep yourself honest? It can be difficult to 

Check out our planning best practices tips for planning inspiration. 

We are Ignitzee love watching businesses grow. Contact us if you need help to make things happen for your business, whether it be new technologies, planning new products or ways of doing things.